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A lot of people are striving to build a better future for themselves and their families. That is why summer 2017 became a pivotal point for those who want to move to Canada as various immigration programs were set in motion by the Canadian government. Due to The Citizenship and Immigration of Canada or simply Rcic program every potential immigrant can now gain enough points in order to immigrate to Canada. FYI Rcic stands for registered Canadian immigration consultant.
We Are

We Are

A team of specialists who are ready to offer the best and quickest solutions for those who are getting ready to turn their lives for better. We are always glad to help with every question and will happily resolve all of the issues to help immigration process be as smooth as possible. 
We Offer

We Offer

Variety of services with different immigration programs. We stay with our clients every step of the way starting with program registration in order to ensure that immigration process is as quick and worry-free as we can possibly ensure for everyone.
Our Process

Our Process

Is fully online with the possibility to contact each member of our team of specialists 24/7. We are ready to help you with every question any time of the day.

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Each and every one of our clients go through a successful and stress-free immigration process in order to move to a better life and make their dreams come true.

A large number of people turning their lives for a better future in order to be exactly where they want to be with the help of the team of our specialists and using immigration programs that we offer. 

More and more people passing prestigious IELTS exams under our guidance in order to ensure quick and smooth language transition as well as successful passing of the exam.

Our company grow and develop together with the lives of those who used our services to successfully immigrate to Canada.

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"Whoever is enrolling with the service right now I can say – good choice everyone! Never took a second to be sorry about me decision to go with the guys here. "

"In case someone out there is looking for the best immigration program would really recommend using express entry with 24immigration. The process was so fast that we didn’t really understand that it was over and that super-qualified and caring agents of the service helped us get to our goal so fast. Really overwhelmed with how cool the people working here are. Would really recommend the service."

"Just taking some time to write a short but very big THANK YOU to 24 immigration's help and services. Thanks to them we are packing our bags right now! :))"

"The process of applying couldn’t be more pleasant. I am sure that a lot of people out there have a lot of questions, but it seems to me that I never stopped talking to the agents of 24immigration. 24/7 support really pays off, even though the services are not that cheap, I’ll give you that. Really worth every cent! All the explanation was given careful and patient even though I am pretty sure I asked the same questions 3 or 4 times. "

"Hi! Just wanted to share some of my experience with the immigration program they offer. First, I would like to say thank you to every agent, who helped us along the way. Although the process took longer than I expected, it was made so much easier by caring and attentive staff of the company. I never thought that the process involved so many paperwork, but everything was settled with the help of the team. I could really recommend 24immigration as their services really helped us with getting a visa! Thank you to the team!"

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