Provincial Nominees Program

Canada is a big country with countless possibilities. That is why we can surely say that throughout the years of our experience the process was much faster when an applicant had a certain Canadian province chosen for the permanent residence. Although this process has various peculiarities of its own.

You see, each province is seeking to find a specialist who would be useful for its community. That is why, applying for a visa in certain province could be difficult in terms of not having the right education, skills or additional certificates that could be useful in immigration process.

If Provincial Nominees Program is something that is extremely interesting to you, then you must know several things.

First, in order to start verification process, potential immigrant is to be nominated by a certain Canadian province. Bear in mind that each province has its own guidelines and immigration rules that can change without prior notices, so be sure to check every fact thoroughly. 

The applicant with Provincial Nominees Program has to apply for permanent Canadian Resident with CIC. After the nomination from the Province is received, applicant is to go through mandatory processes like criminal background check and medical examination. These steps are taken by 100 percent of applicants regardless of the chosen program.

What about my job skills?
The process requires inevitable job skills evaluations. In case your immigrant’s skill does not get a good-enough grade, then language (English OR French) exam is required in order to see whether your language level is going to be enough to assimilate and learn necessary professional skills in Canada.
All of the process seems difficult and complicated but be sure that 24immigration will hold your hand through every step of the way.