Express Entry

Due to the changes made to Canadian immigration system by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), in summer 2017 all of the process is now tied to the points system where each applicant is given fair conditions in order to achieve immigration goal. 

Express Entry Program was created in order to ensure that those who are the most eligible for the immigration to Canada are selected faster by Canadian government and that the process for them takes only six months or even less as opposed to about a year.

Canadian government sends out invitations about two times a months and we at 24immigration are proud to say that more and more people are getting into invitation rounds with our help. We make sure that all of the documents, provided by our clients are in order and ready to go straight to Canadian government for immigration application.

Express Entry program mostly focuses on the candidates who applied for one of the Skilled Worker Program. It could be either Federal skilled worker program or Federal skilled trades program or Canadian experience class.

In case you are looking for a perfect program to apply with having a job offer, or a sizeable savings account to buy a house in Canada, Express Entry is going to award more precious points to your application resume, thus granting you more chances to be successful with your immigration.

What is so good about Express Entry? Well, a lot of people choose this program as it gives access to the possibility of fast application for permanent residency. The more noticeable and special your application is, the more likely that you are going to be the next 24immigration’s lucky client!

What do I need to do to enter Express Entry program?

1. Create a profile with 24immigration and do not forget to state all of the perks that might be helpful in your final score. Remember that you have to meet 100 percent of the requirements for the program to be considered a suitable candidate for invitation rounds.

2. In case you have been waiting for your invitation for too long – do not fear! The robot-selection can come to your application any time. In the meantime, try and get additional diplomas or certificates – something that will surely boost the amount of your points. You can edit your immigrant profile any time, which makes immigration and application process flexible and smooth.