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We want to see every client, coming to success with 24immigration. That is why we created several packages that will surely suit every potential immigrant on their way to Canada. Stressful and hard are not the words we want you to associate with such an important step in your life. That is why we strive to provide only the best services.

There are several steps to start off the immigration process:
Registering with our online immigration services.It is a quick and easy process that secures your immigrant profile with a password. Once the €499 fee is paid and the profile is created our immigration experts are going to see if you are pre approved and if yes start helping you with further steps.
Verification of the documents and getting you a pre-approval to immigrate to Canada, once our legal team and consultants go over your documents you will receive an email from your immigration expert. If the results are positive your immigration expert will continue and discuss the best packages that will make your immigration process as quick and easy as possible.

We offer several packages in order for every client to find an offer, suitable for them.

General Package

One-time fee of between €2000-3000 (depending on country and and applicable discounts)  guarantees verification of the documents with accordance to Canadian government as well as ensuring that the package of needed documents is full.

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General Plus Package

One-time fee of between €3000-4000 (depending on country and and applicable discounts) In addition to the general package  adds basic help in preparation to the  IELTS exams as well as helps you put together an attractive resume and cover letter, to help secure the perfect job for you here in Canada.

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All Inclusive Package

One-time fee of between €4500-5300 (depending on country and and applicable discounts) gives you General plus package in addition includes career research into help you secure the job of your dreams  and assistance in finding a place to live suitable for you, putting together a resume and cover letter in accordance with Canadian requirements, extensive online preparations for IELTS exams which includes Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening. Those, who decided to use our All Inclusive package also have access to our 24/7 support team of immigration experts.

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We provide:

  • Verification for the entire package of your legal documents.
  • Cover letter and resume editing.
  • Team of recruits who will look for the best workplace suitable for the immigrant in question.
  • Secure a totally private process of communication with our immigration experts.
  • Preparation for IELTS exams with basic or extensive online training.