Business Program

Starting up your own business in Canada is a dream for a lot of people. Is it your dream as well? 

Well, then look no further as there is a special program for people with the same goal that was launched in spring 2013.

Canadian economy is very stimulating when it comes to the new business opening. The country has low tax rate, and quite good economy state. There is also a broad spectrum of research possibilities and high standard of living which ensures, that whatever branch of business is explored by you – it has all the chances to be successful in Canada.

Of course, there are a lot of nuances when it comes to applying for immigration via this program. But do not worry. 24immigration team has gone through research and here is the list of requirements that one has to follow through with the program.

1. One has to ensure the presence of Canadian investors or a group of investors to be benefactors in your business. Required minimal funding amount is $75.000 CAD.

2. One can also apply for Canadian venture capital fund to be a benefactor in one’s business. The minimal amount required here in $200.000 CAD.

3. The companies or people, involved in beneficiary group must be approved and qualified for a visa program.

4. Business plan is an absolute must when looking for beneficiary.

5. Suitable level of English and French is something one can’t do without in the program.

6. Possibility is higher with those, having as much degrees, additional certificates and diplomas as possible.

7. Visa is going to be denied to those, not having enough funds for getting settled in Canada.
The program is perfect for those who want to get through with the paperwork as fast as possible and are planning to apply for Canadian citizenship in the future as visa issuing process only takes two weeks and gives you access to citizenship possibility.