Self-Employment Immigration Program 

Self-employment is not that rare in modern world where everything can be done yourself via the internet. And with the Self-Employed Immigration Program one can reach their goals. 


But there are quite a few requirements which you will have to meet in order to get a visa or a permanent residence approval with this program.You must be a true professional and have at least 2 years of experience in art, sports or agricultural field of work. Work experience ensures that the newly-come immigrant is going to be of use and input for Canadian culture, sports and infrastructure.

All of the other requirements for the program application is nothing special – passed criminal background and medical checks, as well as ensuring that you are going to have enough funds to support yourself upon coming to Canada.

Together with national Self-Employment Immigration Program one can apply for independent Quebec self-employment immigration program. Quebec government requires a 2-year-minimum experience in the chosen field and $100.000 CAD net worth (spouse’s net worth included) in order to verify one’s application.